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2022 Kentucky Senior Games

Registration is up an running.  Click this link   Online Registration    Make sure you click Register as New to the Games.   Do NOT try to login under past numbers.

Please note,  you must compete this year to qualify for NSGA in Pittsburgh.   The multitude of qualifying methods used for this past year in Fort Lauderdale were due to COVID.    Those methods are no longer valid.   We are back to normal qualifying in the even years for the odd year nationals.   You must compete this year to be eligible to compete in nationals in Pittsburg in 2023.   

Partners Needed


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Awards based on five year age groups,   50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, etc plus masters 40-49.   Age is based on age on December 31, 2022.  Out of state welcome.    






Power Walk

August 20  10:00

Cove Spring Park



August 20  10:00

Cove Spring Park



August 21  11:00 AM

Capital Bowl



Aug 26 Singles 3:00 PM

Aug 27 Doubles 10:00

Aug 28 Mixed Doubles 10:00

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park



Aug 27 Singles 10:00

Aug 28  Doubles & Mixed  10:00

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park



Aug 28  4:00

E.P. Tom Sawyer State Park



August 27  10:00 AM

Morehead City Park



Sept 3  11:00 AM  Warmup  10:30

Paris-Bourbon County YMCA  917 Main Street



Sept 3  2:00 PM

Paris-Bourbon County YMCA   917 Main St



September 4

Midway Industrial Park



September 6  8:00 AM

Juniper Hills Golf Course


Cross Country

September 7  6:45

State Library & Archives



September 11   7:00 AM

Spindletop Hall


Track & Field & Racewalk

Sept 18   Noon

Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center


Fun Day Luncheon

Sept 23   11:30-12:15

Capital City Activities Center



Sept 23   11:00

Capital City Activities Center



Sept 23   9:00 AM

Capital City Activities Center



Sept 23   1:00

Capital City Activities Center



Sept 25   3:00 

Ward Oates Amphitheatre  Riverview Trail


Disc Golf

Sept 25  2:00 PM

Ironworks Hills DGC


3-on-3 Basketball

October 9  1:00 PM

Frankfort High Gym


Table Tennis

Oct 15   9:00 AM

Tates Creek Golf Course Ballroom



Nov 6  3:00

Ward Oates Amphitheatre  Riverview Trail




Frankfort High Gym


Chair Volleyball


Fit Time for Women













Pittsburgh has been selected as the site of the 2023 National Senior Games so the 2022 Kentucky Senior Games will be a qualifier for the 2023 Games in Pittsburgh.
It is with great sadness that I inform you of the passing of Howard Hall, one of the legends of the Kentucky Senior Games and National Senior Games competitions.   I have included a link to the obituary in the State-Journal.
  Howard Hall,  Kentucky Senior Games flag bearer at 2015 National Senior Games ceremonies in Minneapolis with Meg Shonkwiler.
     Howard was an individual that never met a person he didn't like.  He was genuinely interested in everyone he came in to contact with-fellow competitors,  officials, volunteers and families.  Many of you are marked down in his notebook where he commemorated each of the events he competed in .  Four days after his 99th birthday Howard garnered gold medals in the Kentucky Senior Games in shuffleboard, billiards and bocce.
      Howard will be missed.


2019 Complete Results


2019 ONLINE ENTRY IS UP AND RUNNING!!!!     Just click below and get registered.    

Schedule of Events by day
Entry fee    Kentucky residents  $45.00    Out of state residents   $55.00

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Partners Needed- Click Here to see who needs a partner- Email Fmiklavcic@aol.com if you need a partner

Kentucky Senior Games are an "OPEN" Senior Games meaning we welcome competitors from other states.

We have added a 40-49 Masters age division.  This division is just for the Kentucky Senior Games.  There is no qualifying for this division for the nationals as the National Senior Games are for ages 50+ only.

Also we have an adaptive sports division for each competition as well as special emphasis for entries for our disabled veterans.  Non-ambulatory veterans are eligible for free entry in to the Kentucky Senior Games.  Email Fmiklavcic2@gmail.com for information on this program.

Entry deadlines  August 14 for August events,  September 2 for September events

Get ready for the 2019 Kentucky Senior Games-August-September-

Click this link to see Kentucky results from the National Senior Games in Albuquerque.  Congratulations to all those that represented Kentucky at the 2019 National Senior Games    Kentucky NSGA Results



Congratulations to those Kentuckians who competed in the 2019 National Senior Games in Albuquerque, New Mexico, in June.  Kentucky athletes brought home 16 gold, 12 silver, and 13 bronze in the toughest National Senior Games yet.

Congratulations to those Kentuckians who competed in the 2017 National Senior Games in Birmingham, Alabama, in June.  Kentucky athletes brought home 32 gold, 18 silver and 23 bronze medals.    Top eight got on the awards stand and we also had ten 4ths, eight 5ths,  thirteen 6ths,   eight 7ths, and eighteen 8th places.   Great Job!!!!  Thanks for representing.  


Complete results from the 2015 Kentucky Senior Games

 KY Athletes Succeed at 2015 Nationals

Kentucky athletes posted 26 golds, 16 silvers, and 7 bronze medals during the National Senior Games in Minneapolis, July 3-16, 2015. Jim Blackwell set an NSGA record in the Men’s 75-79 High Jump.

Kentucky Medal Results

Stay Active and Fit!

The goal of the Kentucky Senior Games is to maintain or improve the physical, mental, and emotional health of all Kentuckians 50 years of age and over through a year-round program of fitness and health promotion, as well as providing competitive opportunities for those 40-49, even though those athletes do not move on to the National Senior Games. This is accomplished through seasonal competitions at local, regional, and state levels.

The Kentucky Senior Games encourages older adults to stay active and fit, revive past fitness and recreational skills or learn new ones. Social events, ceremonies, and the arts are also an integral part of this successful program.

National Senior Games Association LogoJoin Us!

The Kentucky Senior Games programs are fun and challenging. Please come and join us! You will be glad you did

All men and women 50 years of age and over are eligible to participate in the Kentucky Senior Games as well as those 40-49 in the masters division. We also accept out of state participants.

The Kentucky Senior Games is the only qualifying site in the state of Kentucky for the National Senior Games.